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Identity Management

Identity Management for St Mark’s Anglican School, Perth

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Identity Management (IdM) is the process of controlling information about a user from initiation to termination across a number of platforms, in a simple and cost-effective way.  Such information includes detail that authenticates the identity of a user, and information that describes information and actions they are authorized to access and/or perform across multiple platforms. IdM workflows can influence all activities of a user and can propagate name changes, security levels and ultimately the user’s digital identity.


The Challenge

Like most schools, St Mark’s Anglican School works with a large number of systems and prior to IdM, tasks such as multiple account creations, provisioning of home directories and email set up, account termination were a manual exercise, per user. Each system then had to be manually updated if there was a change to a user’s details or security level. This was cumbersome, and a drain on the school’s ICT Team so they looked to Solutions IT to simplify the process to create a cost-effective solution.


The Solution

As part of the IdM project, Solutions IT designed and built a business rules driven solution that allowed St Mark’s to automate processes that control a user’s identity. The solutions leveraged Microsoft’s identity management server (MIM 2016), a platform that allowed the school to control user’s profile across multiple systems from a central area.


The Results & Benefits

Not only has IdM been beneficial to manage staff and student users, but the school can also manage their parent portal using part of the MIM offering. Parent users can reset their passwords easily using a self-service automated process created by Solutions IT. Parents simply click on a link when they forget their password and an email will automatically be sent to them to allow the parent to reset their password. There is no impact on the ICT team.


“Solutions IT were great to work with in configuring the system and working with us to achieve our desired outcomes” Mark Dodd, IT Manager, St Mark’s Anglican.


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Trent Ray

#WAES Presentations

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Presentations for the WA Education Summit 2018 below. Click to download.


Trent Ray: Trends in Education

Trent Ray: Assessing for Future Skills

Chris McNamara (MGG) : Designing Schooling for Student Autonomy

Mary-Lou O’Brien (MGG):  Pushing Digital as a Core Company Value

Tamara Sullivan (Ormiston College): Leadership Action Matter – It Begins With You!

Melissa Marshall (Santa Maria): Gamification in Schools – with or without technology

Leigh Treacy (Fortinet): Notifiable Data Breach Scheme 

Ian Curlewis (Lavan): Privacy Act Breaches 

James Manson (Webroot): Webroot Threat Landscape

Michael Richards (Microsoft):  Securing a Microsoft Environment in the Cloud

Jason Byway (Microsoft): Managing Devices

Anthony Spiteri (Veeam): Intelligent Data Management for the Hyper-Available School

Should you have any issues in accessing these files, please contact us for help.

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Notifiable Data Breaches – What Your School Needs To Know

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Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme

What Your School Needs To Know


The Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme came into effect on 22 February 2018, and private schools and private tertiary educational institutions across Australia will be required to comply.

This means that private schools or institutions will be required to notify students, staff, or any other individuals whose personal information is involved in a data breach that is likely to result in serious harm.

Schools may collect and store various types of personal information in both online and offline records — including photos of students, bank details, family information, contact details, and health information in the form of medical records or through counselling services. Therefore it is important that those involved in managing personal information understand their obligations under the NDB scheme.

Join Leigh Treacy, Fortinet, at the WA Education Summit to hear what schools are obliged to do under the scheme and how you can easily find the road to NDB Compliance. To register Click Here


Microsoft recognises Ormiston College as a world leader in education

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Microsoft recognises Ormiston College as a world leader in education

As early as October 2015, Ormiston College became a fully-fledged Microsoft Showcase School, joining an elite group of leading-edge schools from around the world. The College is now officially recognised as a mentor to other schools on a global level and is a Microsoft Showcase School.

Strategic focus on innovation

The College’s Strategic Direction has been well documented and for decades the commitment to technological transformation needed to drive learning programs for the students of tomorrow is evident.

Tamara Sullivan is the Dean of E-Learning at Ormiston College and regular coordinator of innovative ICT professional development workshops for teaching staff. Known for her innovative strategies to transform PD at a school level to develop the competencies of lifelong learning for both students AND educators, she has been integral to the success of ICT at the school.

Tamara Sullivan is the Dean of E-Learning at Ormiston College Qld and regular coordinator of innovative ICT professional development workshops for teaching staff. She will explore practical strategies to transform PD at a school level to develop the competencies of lifelong learning for both students AND educators.

Find out how Tamara’s  ICT leadership has transformed Ormiston College and hear how some of her strategies can be applied at your school by attending the WA Education Summit in May.  Click here to register





Learning for the future: Melbourne Girls Grammar

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Learning for the future: Melbourne Girls Grammar


Melbourne Girls Grammar’s new senior years program is a schooling model driven by a focus on well-being and a realistic approach to the skills and attributes young people need beyond school. The program allows students to take a more independent approach to learning; they work on individual schedules, on subjects of their choice and at their own pace.

Deputy principal of program design and development Chris McNamara says the program has academic excellence, enterprise and well-being at its core. “It’s really a restructure of how we do schooling in the senior years,” he says. “Our Year 9 girls are our 2020 graduates, and we believe they must have a schooling experience that meets their post-school lives. They will be working and living well past the mid-point of the 21st century.”

The Year 9s have access to one-on-one support from academic, well-being and fitness coaches, who work with students on issues such as stress. There are workshops and group sessions to help students identify common problems.

Chris is passionate about schools adapting to meet the needs of students and becoming more aligned with how students experience their world and we are delighted to have Chris speak at the WA Education Summit 2018 in May.

Hear more about how Melbourne Girls Grammar are changing the teaching and learning landscape by registering today! Register for WA Education Summit Here


Chris’ Session:

Designing school for student autonomy and agency; the MGGS Senior Years

– The Philosophical driver for the MGGS Senior Years
– Designing the structural blueprint – putting the student at the heart of the design
– Releasing the shackles of time that constrain the student experience of school and create the environment of control
– Wellbeing as the paradigm in which academics sit
– Acknowledging the need to diversify the workforce within Schools
– Transformational change and the need for collective action
– The expansion of expertise as the antidote to a period of consolidation

New Feature From ZuluDesk

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Coding – why is it so important?

The accepted logic is that Australian kids should be armed for the jobs of the future — and that means teaching them digital skills from an early age. Many Australian states have introduced coding to their curriculum and it has become crucial for it to be easy to teach for it  in order for it to become a successful part of the curriculum.

What is Everyone Can Code?

Everyone Can Code is a curriculum that Apple offers to schools to help teach coding to students. These lessons are made for students from kindergarden to college level. The lessons help students new to code to understand what code is, and guide them step by step to write their first piece of code, and finally to create their very own app.

How can ZuluDesk help?

With ZuluDesk, enrolment is a breeze! They’ve created a simple Setup Assistant to help teachers get started and ready to teach their students. Simply select which coding lessons you’d like to teach, use the easy Setup Assistant to setup all the books and app you’ll need. Start the lesson from your iPad or computer. See more here:

ZuluDesk – Everyone can code

If your school would like to find out more Contact Us


Crypto Virus Scare for Southern Aboriginal Corporation

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Southern Aboriginal Corporation provides services and programs for the Aboriginal community of Albany and the South West region of WA. The organisation’s programs include family violence prevention and support, health promotion, training and employment as well as housing.

Prior to implementing regular managed support with Solutions IT, the organisation was targeted by a crypto virus scam. All data was wiped, lawyers could not access their client files and cases were put on hold.  All staff were affected, and the business came to a virtual standstill. Over 35 years of data was at risk. It was chaos.

Solutions IT promptly responded to the situation. Asha Bhat, CEO recalls, “Solutions IT guided us to be able to quickly recover our data and get operational again, it was a great relief”.

Ransomware is malicious software that can cripple any business that is not adequately protected. To prevent such incidents occurring in the future for this organisation, a full security review was conducted which resulted in offsite backups, robust antivirus and continuous monitoring. Years later, Southern Aboriginal Corporation still boasts a secure and reliable IT environment.

This is enhanced further using Office365, “Office365 has improved our business systems considerably” says Asha, “Staff overseas and in remote areas now have easy access to their emails. Downtime has been reduced dramatically, it’s fantastic”.

“We have a long-term partnership with Solutions IT, the technicians are so easy to work with, and we particularly like the fact that they have a helpdesk. Being able to solve a problem remotely has saved us money and of course downtime in the office, we would highly recommend them to any organisation wanting a professional IT service”.


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