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The success of any 1:1 / BYOD program is underpinned by careful planning, seamless integration, great execution and excellent ongoing support. As a dedicated provider of IT products and services to the K-12 education market for more than 20 years Solutions IT is a proven partner with the right experience and domain knowledge to help you develop and tailor a one to one program that caters for the needs of your teaching and learning.

What are some of the key considerations in developing and running a 1:1 or BYOD program?

  • Funding – is it a school or parent funded program?
  • Repairs and Support – What level of support and repair services are required to minimise impact on teaching and learning?
  • Parental Engagement – How do we engage parents in the process and what resources are required?
  • Insurance & Warranty – What warranty and insurance is required to ensure protection for the school, students and parents?
  • Software – What software and services do we expect to make up the core offering?
  • Training – What are the training requirements and how do we provide these for Teachers, Senior Managers, IT staff, parents and students to maximise outcomes and investment?
  • Procurement – How do we purchase and what payment options do we need to consider?
  • Recycling – What considerations do we need to factor in refreshing and recycling devices during the educational life of a student?
  • Devices – What devices should we be using and why?

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