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Why Schools Need Proactive IT Support for the New School Year

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As the new 2024 school year starts, education institutions across Western Australia are getting busy with preparations. From updating curriculums to ensuring all facilities are up to par, there’s a lot that goes into making a new school year successful. Yet, amidst these numerous activities, one crucial element sometimes gets thrown to the backseat – IT Support. This is surprising considering our increasing reliance on digital tools and resources in the education sector. It’s time we bring this critical aspect to the forefront and understand its importance in shaping a successful school year.

Proactive IT support, in particular, can play a pivotal role in enhancing the learning experience. Gone are the days when IT was merely about fixing malfunctioning computers or resolving network issues. Today, with the integration of technology in every facet of education, IT support has evolved into a crucial pillar that holds up the structure of modern education. It’s not just about solving problems anymore; it’s about anticipating them and preventing disruptions that can impact the learning process. And it’s not just students who benefit from this. Teachers, too, find their roles enriched and eased by a robust IT infrastructure that runs smoothly, allowing them to focus on what they do best – teaching.

The Advantages of Proactive IT Support

Let’s start by understanding what proactive IT support means. It implies anticipating and addressing IT issues even before they occur or escalate. It’s about maintaining a constant vigilance over the digital infrastructure of a school and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

One of the primary advantages of proactive IT support is the prevention of downtime. When IT systems fail, classes can get disrupted, impacting the productivity of both students and teachers. A proactive IT team can identify potential problems early and fix them before they cause havoc.

Next, comes the enhanced security. A robust IT support system ensures that all data, including sensitive student and staff information, are adequately protected against cyber threats. Regular updates, patches, and security checks are part of this proactive model.

Lastly, there’s the benefit of cost-effectiveness. While it may seem like a substantial initial investment, proactive IT support reduces the risk of expensive repairs and data recovery. By catching issues early, schools can avoid the cost associated with system breakdowns and data breaches.


Our Solutions and Services

As a leading IT company in Western Australia, we understand the unique needs and challenges faced by schools. Our comprehensive IT support solutions are designed to help educational institutions transition smoothly into the new school year.

Our services include onsite managed support, remote monitoring and maintenance, support desk, and other personalised solution depending on your needs. We believe in empowering schools through technology and aim to create a seamless and secure digital environment conducive to learning and teaching.

In addition, we provide training for teachers to familiarise them with new technologies, ensuring they can leverage these tools effectively in their teaching process. Our team is always ready to adapt and innovate according to the changing needs of your school.

Get Started Today

Embrace the new school year with confidence. Equip your school with proactive IT support and create a robust and reliable digital infrastructure that enhances the learning experience for students and makes teaching more efficient for educators.

Don’t let IT glitches interrupt the flow of knowledge. Contact us today to learn more about how we can tailor our services to meet your school’s specific needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Deliver Exceptional Wireless Experiences for Customers and Employees

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With IT leaders becoming strategic partners in driving business outcomes and facilitating better employee experiences, they are on the hunt for solutions for not only the disruptions they face today, but also future disruptions to the business.

Prepare your network for what’s next with the reliability, capacity, and speed of Wi-Fi 6E. Deliver exceptional wireless experiences for customers and employees, build engaging, smarter workspaces, and protect every connection with WPA3. Experience a wired-like connection on your wireless network.

A New Working Standard

No matter how your teams work, your work spaces need the higher speeds, consistent reliability, and performance predictability 6E can offer. 6E adds new, clearer spectrum to support new devices, new workloads, and more data traversing the network.

Capacity for Smarter Spaces

In the era of hybrid work and meetings that bridge the physical and the virtual, you need a network that works with your team, not against it. 6E networks offer that “wired-like” experience that collaboration tools require for a seamless, inclusive, and secure experience.

Data-defined Networking

Your 6E network is only as scalable as the platform that supports it. Combined with the Meraki dashboard, you can easily optimise performance across sites, secure wireless and IoT connections, and make intelligent plans for the future based on billions of daily touchpoints.

Ensuring Seamless Work Experiences with Meraki Access Points

With the industry’s leading network architecture (Catalyst) joining the industry’s leading cloud IT platform (Meraki), this access point provides an unparalleled network experience. For organisations that need solutions to power hybrid work, and that allow their people to work anywhere at any given time with elevated, secure, and connected experiences, the Cisco Catalyst 9100 Series Access Points are the best choice.

Next Generation Wi-Fi Products

A complete range of Wi-Fi 6E access points—with multigigabit technology—allows you to optimise wireless access for a seamless hybrid work experience with faster connections, greater user capacity, and more coverage.

Create a Consistent Experience for all Employees

The key to a future-proofed, work-from-anywhere office is a cloud-first approach to technology and IT.
Discover technologies for working in the office, at home, and on the road.

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Futurecasting: What Will an AI-Augmented Workforce Look Like

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Is AI the foundation of a modern industrial revolution, propelling productivity to unprecedented heights? Or is it a precursor to machines surpassing human intelligence within a century? The trajectory of ‘thinking machines’ raises profound questions about our future.

The debate rages on: will AI enhance or undermine human potential? Opinions diverge, but the fact remains that around 300 million jobs worldwide could undergo transformation.

The pivotal query: will this transformation merely impact workers, or could it enrich their professional lives?

Exploring AI from diverse vantage points unveils the complex nature of this revolution, fundamentally altering the human experience forever.

🔍 Dive into the different perspectives on AI’s impact with this comprehensive gifographic. Simply fill out this form to download:

Share with us your experience with AI or other technologies that can shape tomorrow’s business landscape!

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Crypto Virus Scare for Southern Aboriginal Corporation

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Southern Aboriginal Corporation provides services and programs for the Aboriginal community of Albany and the South West region of WA. The organisation’s programs include family violence prevention and support, health promotion, training and employment as well as housing.

Prior to implementing regular managed support with Solutions IT, the organisation was targeted by a crypto virus scam. All data was wiped, lawyers could not access their client files and cases were put on hold.  All staff were affected, and the business came to a virtual standstill. Over 35 years of data was at risk. It was chaos.

Solutions IT promptly responded to the situation. Asha Bhat, CEO recalls, “Solutions IT guided us to be able to quickly recover our data and get operational again, it was a great relief”.

Ransomware is malicious software that can cripple any business that is not adequately protected. To prevent such incidents occurring in the future for this organisation, a full security review was conducted which resulted in offsite backups, robust antivirus and continuous monitoring. Years later, Southern Aboriginal Corporation still boasts a secure and reliable IT environment.

This is enhanced further using Office365, “Office365 has improved our business systems considerably” says Asha, “Staff overseas and in remote areas now have easy access to their emails. Downtime has been reduced dramatically, it’s fantastic”.

“We have a long-term partnership with Solutions IT, the technicians are so easy to work with, and we particularly like the fact that they have a helpdesk. Being able to solve a problem remotely has saved us money and of course downtime in the office, we would highly recommend them to any organisation wanting a professional IT service”.


Want to talk to one of our specialists about safeguarding your organisation? Contact us today

What is Managed Services?

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Managed Services is outsourcing ongoing support to an IT Service Provider (or Managed Service Provider, MSP), for a fixed monthly fee. It involves proactive monitoring and maintenance along with priority support and user and device management, to keep IT systems operating at peak performance.
The client and the MSP are bound by a contractual, service level agreement that states the performance and quality metrics of their relationship
When using a MSP, not only do issues get resolved quickly, organisations have access to the latest technology and innovative solutions that can maximise productivity as well as increase profits. Managed Services is designed to take the worry and hassle out of IT, and being part of a service level agreement means you know how much it will cost, and the outcomes you should expect.


Benefits of Managed IT services for SMBs

The biggest organisations in the world make IT a priority. They can afford to build out first-class internal IT teams because they pull in the appropriate revenue to do so. SMBs are faced with the challenge of finding a solution to fill that gap and level the playing field but often do not have funds to do so. When put in this position, smart business owners leverage managed IT services.
Here is just a quick rundown of what leveraging third-party IT experts can do for you.


Reduce the IT spend with a Managed Service Provider

Via a service level agreement (SLA), SMBs can reap the benefits of MSP IT support at a much lower cost compared to creating a internal IT team. Small to medium business owners can pay for the services they need when they need them through a subscription-based model, allowing them to scale as needed.
This makes internal budgeting and expense tracking easier and organisations can forecast their monthly, quarterly, and yearly expenditure better.  This frees SMBs to focus on more on operations, business development or marketing.


Expert knowledge

MSPs bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your organisation. From mitigating a client’s cybersecurity risks, best practice device management or industry compliance, MSPs have a breadth of experience that a one man band or small IT team could not complete with.


Dependable service

Your staff and your clients benefit from the skills of a team of trained professionals.  Partnering with a third-party MSP can make services more dependable and reduce interruptions as there is an organisation, not just an individual responsible for the success of the service.
MSPs seek, recruit and maintain skilled talent to build your IT team. They ensure that staff are fully trained and certified appropriate to their roles.  Client’s can be assured that their staff are supported by a team of IT professionals.

Want to know more about how Managed Services can help your organisation?

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    The Classroom-Ready VR Solution

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    The Classroom-Ready VR Solution


    ClassVR, the world-recognised virtual reality solution designed specifically for education, provides everything your school needs to implement VR into the classroom.


    From stand-alone headsets to 1000’s of curriculum-aligned VR & AR content, teachers can create fully immersive and engaging lessons all while staying in control of their students, the devices, the instruction AND the content, all with simple teacher controls.


    From the deep depths of the ocean to flying through the solar system, your students can experience things that previously they could only imagine, all from the safety of the classroom. Book a demonstration below to see how ClassVR can be implemented in your school’s curriculum.



    Insurance For Your Purchased Equipment | Protectsure

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    Protectsure – Insurance For Your Purchased Equipment

    Please refer to this Equipment Insurance Policy Financial Services Guide (FSG) which includes Protectsure’s Equipment Insurance Policy Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) 

    On 10 December 2020 the Australian Federal Parliament passed the Financial Sector Reform (Hayne Royal Commission Response) Bill 2020 in response to the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry. The legislation included the establishment of an industry-wide “Deferred Sales Model” (DSM) for add-on insurance.

    We are now no longer able to offer you Protecsure’s Student Insurance product at the same time as you purchase your child’s equipment. Instead we can only offer it 5 days after your equipment purchase and will send you an email on the 5th day detailing Protecsure’s Student Insurance product.

    You can opt-out of being contacted about Protecsure’s Student Insurance product as an extra to your main equipment purchase by informing us in writing. or contacting Protectsure.

    You can say “no” to being sold this insurance. It is not compulsory.

    If you are unsure, consider your situation and ask yourself:

    Do I need and understand the insurance?

    Consider what Protecsure’s Student Insurance product covers and what it excludes. You may already have other insurance or arrangements that will cover and potential loss or damage.

    Could I get a better deal somewhere else?

    Consider if another insurance product or company can better meet your needs. You may be able to shop around for a better deal.

    Trent Ray

    Cyber Savvy Educator and Proactive Teaching Strategies

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    Australia’s leading educational technology evangelist, Trent Ray is behind the latest cyber safety and digital wellbeing teaching and learning initiative trusted by schools across Australia.

    To celebrate the launch of the Cyber Safety Project’s learning resources mapped to the Western Australian Curriculum, Solutions IT is thrilled to partner with Trent and his team to deliver an insightful and resource FULL webinar for W.A school leaders and educators.

    Level up your understanding of the latest digital trends for how young people are accessing technology to connect and play online. As the team unpack the 2021 Cyber Safety Project Digital Habits Survey, you will gain insights for how young Australian’s truly experience the online world. In response, they’ll share six fundamental teaching strategies to empower students at your school to self-manage their own digital safety and wellbeing.

    Throughout the Cyber Savvy Educator & Proactive Teacher Strategies webinar, you will;

    • Uncover the latest digital habits of young Australians.

    • Deep dive into the most popular social networking and gaming platforms for connected kids.

    • Explore key values for a strong foundation of digital safety and wellbeing.

    • Learn the fundamentals to leading cyber safety education in your school.

    • Walk away with six proactive teaching strategies to help every students at your school become safer digital citizens when independently navigating the online world.

    • Discover the Cyber Safety Project Curriculum Framework and resource portal packed with videos, lesson guides and teaching materials designed by Australian educators for Australian schools

     Cyber Savvy Educator and Proactive Teaching Strategies image
    Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

    Security Solution Overview

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    With data growing increasingly valuable and harder to protect, Microsoft provides security solutions across identity and access management, information protection, threat protection and security management. Harness integrated, comprehensive security with Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection,  Azure Security, and Azure Sentinel to identify and repel more threats than ever before and safeguard your organization, without sacrificing productivity. Talk to one of our experts to find out more.


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