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Find reliable and qualified computer support experts

Computer support services are provided by qualified repair/support technicians or IT service providers. The usual service offering includes general operations of your computer and any related software, hardware or network issues. The technicians can often resolve problems by physically taking control of your computer, with your permission. Remote support generally requires logging into an end user’s computer to analyse the query or problem.


It’s hard enough having hardware damage or network downtime during work hours. It’s tougher when you’re dealing with unreliable computer support service providers. Therefore, it’s essential to find reliable computer support providers, who provide affordable solutions.


What to look for:


  • Glowing testimonials

A long list of satisfied customers is often the best indicator that a company delivers on its promises. When you’re doing research on computer technicians in your area, read Google reviews to find out about their service delivery.


  • Experience

The more experience your technician has with your particular IT issue, the quicker it will be fixed (which means a smaller bill if they charge by the hour). You’ll find that some problems are rare and may not come across your technician’s bench every day. Not all technicians are wise in the ways of the Mac Operating Systems, which is why you need to find reliable Apple certified providers.


  • Service guarantees

Reputable repair companies have a ‘no fix, no fee’ policy. If they can’t fix your problem, they won’t charge you. Before you go ahead with repairs, find out about warranties on parts and labour costs.


  • Fast turnaround times

Normally, it would be two to three days (depending on how many computers need fixing) but on-site consultations and repairs could take place within a couple of hours. If you’re looking for something a little quicker, it’s not out of the question to pay some sort of “express charge” to get faster service.

If they plan on holding your systems for a week or more as routine, they need to provide you with a reason why, unless there’s a backlog of customers. A web search on the technology company’s name can often help you pull up reviews for you to determine their turnaround time.


  • Is your data safe?

The truth is, most people forget to back their data (pictures that can’t be replaced, documents that took hours to type, format, proofread, etc.). This is particularly disastrous if your computer decides to crash. If your important information is not backed up, you need to confirm with a technician that he/she is an expert in data recovery. Most service providers will offer to perform a data backup for a reasonable fee before doing any other work to your system.


Overall, reliable service providers are honest and won’t try and oversell services that you don’t need.


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