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Solutions designed to improve productivity, efficiency, security and reliability – allowing you to focus on what you do best. 

Solutions designed to improve productivity, efficiency, security and reliability – allowing you to focus on what you do best. 

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Unleash the potential of your workforce and empower them to work more productively with our range of technology-driven staff tools.


From virtualisation to cloud our engineers can design, implement and support your server infrastructure.

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We are here to help with secure on prem and cloud-based solutions to ensure your data and systems are safe.

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Southern Aboriginal Corp

Ransomware is avoidable

Southern Aboriginal Corporation provides services and programs for the Aboriginal community of Albany and the South West region of WA. The organisation’s programs include family violence prevention and support, health promotion, training and employment as well as housing.

Prior to implementing regular managed support with Solutions IT, the organisation was targeted by a crypto virus scam. All data was wiped, lawyers could not access their client files and cases were put on hold. All staff were affected, and the business came to a virtual standstill. Over 35 years of data was at risk. It was chaos.

Solutions IT promptly responded to the situation. Asha Bhat, CEO recalls, “Solutions IT guided us to be able to quickly recover our data and get operational again, it was a great relief”.

Ransomware is malicious software that can cripple any business that is not adequately protected. To prevent such incidents occurring in the future for this organisation, a full security review was conducted which resulted in offsite backups, robust antivirus and continuous monitoring. Years later, Southern Aboriginal Corporation still boasts a secure and reliable IT environment.

The security was enhanced further with Office365, “Office365 has improved our business systems considerably” says Asha, “Staff overseas and in remote areas now have easy access to their emails and files. Downtime has been reduced dramatically, it’s fantastic”.

“We have a long-term partnership with Solutions IT, the technicians are so easy to work with, and we particularly like the fact that they have a helpdesk. Being able to solve a problem remotely has saved us money and of course downtime in the office, we would highly recommend them to any organisation wanting a professional IT service”.

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