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IT infrastructure management refers to the hardware, software, network resources and data back up services required for the existence, operation and management of your organisation’s IT environment.

With a stable IT infrastructure, your employees will be more productive, and able to provide you customers with excellent service. Having said that, hiccups in your IT infrastructure will affect the above. This is why you need a stable IT infrastructure. How do you achieve this?

Standardising your IT infrastructure

All employees in your company use the same filing system. This uniformity is essential because if employee ‘x’ is away, employee ‘y’ will know where to find the necessary document. This is why standardisation makes business sense when it comes to your IT infrastructure. By keeping hardware and software consistent, you reduce operating costs and downtime.

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Why you should consider standardising your IT infrastructure?

  • Reduce the burden on IT staff

Your IT department faces a learning curve with each new piece of technology you bring on board. If you have five different types of anti-virus software in your library, each using a different procedure for updating and patching, then the process could take a while. The troubleshooting and support skills needed for each application are different and so are the online resources. Have one anti-virus software to rule them all.

  • Avoid compatibility problems

It’s difficult to find replacement parts and match the right part with the right computer, especially if you’re supporting 15 different models. Also, the more software and hardware you have, the more often you’ll encounter conflicts and errors that are hard to isolate and fix.

  • Improve communication

Finally, it’s hard for your IT staff to communicate with frontline employees about troubleshooting issues if there’s no standard. Neither side really knows what the other party is talking about.

Benefits of standardising IT infrastructure

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Maximum ROI
  • Better customer services
  • Round the clock monitoring
  • Minimise outages
  • Data security
  • Increased productivity
  • Regular scheduled maintenance
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How do you implement this strategy?

For starters, you can reduce the number of tools you have that address the same basic need. It may take the form of ensuring that every computer has the same operating system. To achieve this, provide your IT department with overall control of IT purchases. They are the experts and their job is to ensure you are using tools to help your business achieve its goals.

While imposing equipment standards can help you streamline your IT infrastructure, simplify decision making and minimise purchasing and maintenance costs, the process can be complicated. Working with the right IT company is your solution.

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