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Looking for genuine no-nonsense advice on your IT infrastructure? Solutions I.T. is your ideal partner. We’ll provide you with an impartial review of your network infrastructure, conducted by external experts. What’s more, we’ll provide your IT department with the latest advice and technical support.

We are experts in IT hardware, software and their management

We’ve earned a reputation for consistently delivering premium IT solutions for infrastructure. We’ve done this by tailoring our offerings to meet specific organisational needs, and by using our range of experience and vast expertise to ensure your systems are fully optimised.

From monitoring equipment to searching for cyber threats, if you’re dealing with data, security and management are critical. With a clear strategy and the right IT infrastructure management services, you can:

  • Ensure compliance
  • Enhance the flow of information throughout an efficient system
  • Promote adaptability necessary for a dynamic environment
  • Ensure interoperability among organisational and external entities
  • Maintain effective change management policies and practices

Our IT Solutions for Infrastructure

With our IT infrastructure consulting services, we’ll ensure that you make informed decisions on your IT infrastructure.


Solutions IT prides itself on understanding your needs and requirements to ensure that the proposed solution fits and performs for your future plans.

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Solutions IT qualified and experienced engineers are here to ensure your objectives are met and everything runs smoothly.

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There is nothing more critical for an organisation than ensuring data is backed up and a strategy is in place to recover from any disaster.

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Virtualisation can significantly improve the agility of your IT infrastructure, along with easier administration of your systems and significant cost savings.

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  • Messaging and collaboration
  • Identity management/group policy/active directory
  • Network infrastructure (switches, firewalls)
  • Wireless networks

Getting the best IT Infrastructure is simple:

Standardise your IT Infrastructure

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Why Solutions IT?

Best Value

We work to minimise costs and maximise ROI.

Proven Track Record

Established in 1999, Solutions I.T. has extensive experience working in Government, education and SME markets

Your Solution

Our unique approach means we look at your strategic requirements, both today and in the future, and make sure that the technology fits with your medium to long term objectives.

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