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Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (RMM) also known as Proactive Monitoring, ensures that your IT systems (servers, networks, hardware) are working perfectly 24/7. With RMM we get real time feedback of issues so that it can be fixed quickly and before they become impactful.

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Solutions IT will keep your technology systems healthy at all times.

With Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (RMM), Solutions IT keeps an eye on the health and status of your IT systems 24/7. This means any issues are identified instantaneously, allowing us to take corrective action before those issues become critical and damaging.

With RMM, you not only get peace of mind that your servers, infrastructure, network and hardware are operating perfectly, but you guarantee early detection and problem solving if there are any issues.

RMM ensures you can be proactive about your technology, with all updates being monitored and scheduled to guarantee no expensive emergency repairs, program updates or equipment purchases in the future.

As part of our RMM process we also implement a comprehensive technology assessment so that we can understand how your technology operates within the business – providing insight about how the technology may be helping or hindering the business.

Hacking Services

Your support. Your way

We offer a range of payment and plan options that suit your business and IT needs. Choose prepaid support, scheduled support or ad-hock support for when you need from a reliable team.

Ad Hoc Support

A pay-as-you go support service for once-off IT support issues. This is perfect if you do not want to commit to a monthly contract, and only pay for the services you need.

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Prepaid Support

We offer a range of prepaid support hours’ packages that allow you to pre-pay for support at a significantly discounted hourly rate. With this option, you’ll enjoy better control over your budget, reduce the need for individual invoices, while also receiving priority service for regular or ad hoc support.

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Scheduled Support

If you require a regular onsite technical presence, we can deliver a fully scalable onsite support service that is tailored to the individual needs of your organisation.

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Comprehensive managed IT support services

When it comes to IT, our support staff have years of experience, and understand the importance and urgency of keeping your systems up and running. Your organisation’s operational processes, personal data and daily routines depend on reliable, integrated and fully functioning IT infrastructure. Our ICT strategy has a full backup system and a service level agreements in place.

With our IT infrastructure consulting services, we’ll ensure that you make informed decisions on your IT infrastructure. Solutions I.T. provides a range of managed support services:

Onsite Managed Support

In today’s economy, it doesn’t always make sense to keep a full-time IT employee on the payroll if your needs don’t warrant it. We can work with your existing IT departments as an additional resource when needed.

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Support Desk

The support desk can act as the first port of call, and in most cases, can be resolved remotely, saving you time and money. If for any reason an engineer is required onsite, the support desk will schedule a date and time suitable for you.

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Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

With remote monitoring and support tools, we can oversee various workstations simultaneously. This allows us to resolve IT issues faster with minimal disruption to your productivity.

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Why Solutions IT?

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We work to minimise costs and maximise ROI.

Proven Track Record

Established in 1999, Solutions I.T. has extensive experience working in Government, education and SME markets

Your Solution

Our unique approach means we look at your strategic requirements, both today and in the future, and make sure that the technology fits with your medium to long term objectives.

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