Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Optimise the functionality and security of your devices

Solutions I.T. delivers MDM solutions and services that will significantly improve the way your business communicates. MDM software allows for the easy distribution of applications, data and configuration settings and patches for all devices.

Delivering trusted MDM solutions

Optimise the functionality and security of your mobile devices with Mobile Device Management (MDM).

MDM software allows for the easy distribution of applications, data and configuration settings and patches for all devices. Most MDM tools include application management, file synchronisation and sharing, data security tools, and tech support.

Mobile device security and functionality are some of any IT specialist’s primary concerns. Implementing an MDM will help put these concerns to rest and prevent data loss; these solutions work well across all platforms.


Users are more mobile

with easy access to resources,

information and data.

No matter if we use our phones, laptops or other mobile devices, these devices should also be managed for security reasons. Because your entire life exists on your device, including work and sensitive information, it’s wise to protect any data you store on this mobile device.

How mobility revolutionises your organisation

An iGR study predicts that by 2020, nine billion users will make use of mobile connections. With this number in mind, how can you safely use mobile connectivity in the workplace? If you’re looking to improve communication and streamline processes within your organisation, then embracing mobile strategies will help you achieve this.

No matter where you decide to set up office, or what time zone you’re in, mobility offers improved flexibility. Mobile devices allow for continuous interaction and the secure storing and sharing of information via our cloud services.

Solutions IT will enhance your mobile experience without compromising on efficiency and security

With MDM from Solutions I.T., we deliver an enhanced mobile experience without compromising on security.

We use market leading products from many of the world’s leading IT and network suppliers, working with them to provide the latest technology, devices and solutions for your organisational needs.

To help with the growing challenge of keeping corporate information secure, a mobile device management system that uses the cloud for integrated data protection and compliance capabilities. These tools deliver comprehensive settings for the management of mobile devices, enabling the execution of remote actions such as passcode reset, device lock, data encryption, and full wipe to protect corporate data on a lost or stolen device.

Increased collaboration between employees

Real time data capture

Ensuring your employees are always accessible

Streamlining business processes

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