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Learning for the future: Melbourne Girls Grammar

By April 16, 2018No Comments

Learning for the future: Melbourne Girls Grammar


Melbourne Girls Grammar’s new senior years program is a schooling model driven by a focus on well-being and a realistic approach to the skills and attributes young people need beyond school. The program allows students to take a more independent approach to learning; they work on individual schedules, on subjects of their choice and at their own pace.

Deputy principal of program design and development Chris McNamara says the program has academic excellence, enterprise and well-being at its core. “It’s really a restructure of how we do schooling in the senior years,” he says. “Our Year 9 girls are our 2020 graduates, and we believe they must have a schooling experience that meets their post-school lives. They will be working and living well past the mid-point of the 21st century.”

The Year 9s have access to one-on-one support from academic, well-being and fitness coaches, who work with students on issues such as stress. There are workshops and group sessions to help students identify common problems.

Chris is passionate about schools adapting to meet the needs of students and becoming more aligned with how students experience their world and we are delighted to have Chris speak at the WA Education Summit 2018 in May.

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Chris’ Session:

Designing school for student autonomy and agency; the MGGS Senior Years

– The Philosophical driver for the MGGS Senior Years
– Designing the structural blueprint – putting the student at the heart of the design
– Releasing the shackles of time that constrain the student experience of school and create the environment of control
– Wellbeing as the paradigm in which academics sit
– Acknowledging the need to diversify the workforce within Schools
– Transformational change and the need for collective action
– The expansion of expertise as the antidote to a period of consolidation

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