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By March 28, 2018No Comments

Coding – why is it so important?

The accepted logic is that Australian kids should be armed for the jobs of the future — and that means teaching them digital skills from an early age. Many Australian states have introduced coding to their curriculum and it has become crucial for it to be easy to teach for it  in order for it to become a successful part of the curriculum.

What is Everyone Can Code?

Everyone Can Code is a curriculum that Apple offers to schools to help teach coding to students. These lessons are made for students from kindergarden to college level. The lessons help students new to code to understand what code is, and guide them step by step to write their first piece of code, and finally to create their very own app.

How can ZuluDesk help?

With ZuluDesk, enrolment is a breeze! They’ve created a simple Setup Assistant to help teachers get started and ready to teach their students. Simply select which coding lessons you’d like to teach, use the easy Setup Assistant to setup all the books and app you’ll need. Start the lesson from your iPad or computer. See more here:

ZuluDesk – Everyone can code

If your school would like to find out more Contact Us


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