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Recording – OneNote and Class Notebook

By April 2, 2020April 21st, 2023No Comments

In partnership with Standout Education, we are delighted to deliver this free PD to all WA schools.

Learn how to organise interactive lesson activities and create a flexible workspace for students. OneNote is available free to all WA teachers and students as part of Office 365.



More resources:

Type Link Description
Generic Video Training Intro page and 7 short videos on common tasks
Generic OneNote Quick Start Slightly deeper version of the intro page in video training (above)
Generic OneNote Downloadable Guide 4 page pdf covering more detail on basic operations in OneNote
Generic OneNote for Mac Downloadable Guide As above for those who choose Mac
Teacher OneNote Teacher Academy OneNote Learning Path for teachers
Teacher OneNote for Education Videos covering teacher basics, inclusive education, class and staff notebooks, etc…
Teacher OneNote Class Notebook FAQ FAQ and guidance for OneNote Class Notebook


Remote support options for schools, for parents and for students

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