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Going Mobile

Why your organisation will benefit

Solutions I.T. delivers MDM solutions and services that will significantly improve the way your business communicates. MDM software allows for the easy distribution of applications, data and configuration settings and patches for all devices.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a security measure used by IT departments to monitor, manage and secure all mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) that are used within an organisation. MDM is deployed to ensure that employees stay productive and do not breach corporate policies.

Advantages of BYOD in the workplace

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the practice of employees using their own smartphones, tablets and mobile devices for work purposes. Organisations are adapting to the mobile-savvy culture for the following reasons:

Staff engagement

Allowing your employees to use their own mobile devices for work means that you’ll have happier more productive staff, who now enjoy access to real-time data and results from anywhere. This is further enhanced when secure remote support solutions are integrated into your company’s IT systems, helping to maintain real-time customer service.


Putting all your company data into the cloud lowers IT costs and means those with smart devices can carry out business tasks wherever and at whatever time, without the need to go into a particular location to access systems on a set schedule.

Employees have access to tools that are needed to help get work done. An example: HR managers can respond quickly to keep tabs on opportunities by using BYOD to attract and retain the best talent. Managers can use the devices in meetings and requests changes to be affected immediately.

How can MDM be managed in the workplace?

Business owners need to look at how their existing security policies can be amended to ensure high levels of data security. Modifications to a security policy can include:

An IT security strategy

Most IT departments implement a BYOD policy that covers which devices can and cannot be used by staff, allowed apps, and what corporate data should be transferred, stored and wiped.

This will help make the integration of a policy much smoother and help manage employee expectations.

Clear rules and guidelines

Define and share clear regulations and guidelines on how personal devices can be used in and out of the workplace. HR and your IT department need to work together to ensure these guidelines are explicit and easily understood.

Make sure security is priority

During implementation, employees will have questions. What happens when the devices are stolen? Can anyone access the network? How safe will their data be? IT managers need to ensure that there is a plan in place to ease their security concerns. This is why you need to do research on the most reliable and robust MDM software that will best address all your concerns.

Why Solutions IT?

Best Value

We work to minimise costs and maximise ROI.

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Established in 1999, Solutions I.T. has extensive experience working in Government, education and SME markets

Your Solution

Our unique approach means we look at your strategic requirements, both today and in the future, and make sure that the technology fits with your medium to long term objectives.

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