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FUYL Tower™ Charging Locker

Quick Benefits

  • Intelligent Asset Management System
  • Set up and manage who is allowed access to bays & Towers
  • Manage multiple Towers from one centralised portal
  • Securely charge & store devices so they’re always ready
  • Integrate PC Locs Cloud with external systems
  • Physical and digital security
  • RFID or PIN code access
  • Curfew settings
  • Lifetime warrant
FUYL Tower

PC Locs Cloud Based Smart Lockers Make Life Easier.


PC Locs charging lockers allow organisations to reach their goals by saving a considerable amount of time managing mobile devices. Our smart charging towers are designed and developed with extreme consideration for the end user, solving pain points specific to your needs. PC Locs Cloud, together with the FUYL Tower, provides a complete software and hardware solution to manage workflows for mobile devices.



Works Seamlessly in Many Mobile Device Environments

Save time and resources by facilitating your workflow with zero human interaction.


Check In/Out Break/Fix Shared Devices Loaner Devices Public Charging
Employees, students or guests (such as substitute teachers) can easily check out devices as needed. Designate who can access the Tower in advance or on the fly. Towers can track who has taken a specific device and when it has been returned. Reduce device downtime by streamlining your break/fix workflow. Employees and students can easily drop a broken device in the FUYL Tower and retrieve a new device while theirs is being fixed. Employees (such as shift workers or field crews) can easily share the same set of devices. Pre-set access to specific Towers or bays to limit who is able to access specific devices. Plus, track when a device has been taken and when it has been returned. Any time loaner device is needed, simply grant that person access to a designated compartment, Tower or group of Towers. Track who took the device, when it was taken, and when it has been returned. Placing a Tower in Public Mode makes it open and available for anyone who needs secure charging on demand. Examples include students, employees, customers, etc. who need a charge during the day, for environments where devices are prohibited, or even for students with housing insecurity.

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