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The success of any BYOD program is underpinned by careful planning, seamless integration, great execution and customer experience paired with excellent ongoing support.

Implement your own fully customised online purchase portal to assist your school, staff and parents to order and pay for IT equipment, chosen by your school, at education prices.

Our BYOD portals gives parents access to

Education specific devices, selected by your school

Education specific pricing

Extensive range of accessories

Painless checkout process

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What are some of the key considerations in developing and running a BYOD program?

  • Devices – What devices should we be using and why?

  • Repairs and Support – What level of support and repair services are required to minimise impact on teaching and learning?

  • Parental Engagement – How do we engage parents in the process and what resources are required

  • Training – What are the training requirements and how do we provide these for Teachers, Senior Managers, IT staff, parents and students to maximise outcomes and investment?

  • Procurement – How do we purchase and what payment options do we need to consider?

  • Software – What software and services do we expect to make up the core offering?

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