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Healthcare records are now top targets for cyber criminals.  Basic protection is not enough.


Does your business have advanced cyberthreat protection and device management? Find out today.

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From July –December 2020, Australia’s health sector accounted for 23% of all data breaches, making it the highest reporting sector in the country.[1] Yet only 1/3 of Australian healthcare organisations embed cyber security awareness and training into their policies and procedures.
Download our e-Book and access key steps your healthcare firm can take to minimise the ever-increasing risk of cyber-attack and protect your patient, employee and client data, or arrange a free health check of your network.

How secure is your data? We can tell you.

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Choose from 3 security packages to suit your business, or talk to us to customise your own solution



Provides unlimited remote support and proactive monitoring and management of your core infrastructure allowing you to focus on what you do best.


This includes everything in essentials plus the provision and management of Microsoft 365 that provides productivity tools and services allowing organisations to improve efficiencies and collaboration across the workforce.


This is a fully managed service that extends essentials and assist with complete device management and advanced security to protect your data and intellectual property.

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Safeguarding sensitive data in a new era of cybersecurity’ 

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    What our customers say

    Solutions IT are a breath of fresh air. They have taken the time to understand our organisation and provide us with the best services and solutions as a result. We are a unique industry that deals with many facets of the WA community. Data security is critical and remote access to our files is essential. Solutions IT have ensured that we are able to operate at a optimum level without worry or risk to our data.

    Cath YoungBusiness Services Coordinator | The Federation of WA Police & Community Youth Centres (WA PCYC)

    Security in our environment is always a concern and needs a robust solution to ensure the data is not compromised. I am pleased to say that we have never had an issue, but that is because we have taken the time to put the right measures in place.
    Working in collaboration with Solutions IT and Microsoft, we have been able to simplify yet strengthen our capabilities whilst ensuring the highest standards for data security. Solutions IT have a dedicated team working alongside our organisation, and have gone above and beyond to ensure we have the right solutions and services operating for us

    Chris SwartsCEO | First Health
    First Health Logo

    We have a long-term partnership with Solutions IT, the technicians are so easy to work with, and we particularly like the fact that they have a helpdesk. Being able to solve a problem remotely has saved us money and of course downtime in the office, we would highly recommend them to any organisation wanting a professional IT service

    Asha BhatCEO | Southern Aboriginal Corporation
    SAC corp Logo

    IT Health Check

    To help your business secure its IT systems and sensitive data, we are offering a free health check. During this check, we: 

    • Conduct a vulnerability scan to highlight critical issues within the network and infrastructure 

    • Calculate your 365 secure score (where appropriate)        

    • Make an assessment of password structures 

    • Do a modern authentication check 

    • Assess your device management 

    • Conduct a domain name audit 

    • Assess your data storage 

    • Review your line of business application

    What are our top 3 tips to help protect your data?

    Multifactor Authentication

    Password structure

    Data Location

    Southern Aboriginal Corp

    Case Study: What happened when Southern Aboriginal Corporation’s client data was wiped, lawyers could not access their client files and cases were put on hold.

    Southern Aboriginal Corporation provides services and programs for the Aboriginal community of Albany and the South West region of WA. The organisation’s programs include family violence prevention and support, health promotion, training and employment as well as housing.

    Prior to implementing regular managed support with Solutions IT, the organisation was targeted by a crypto virus scam. All data was wiped, lawyers could not access their client files and cases were put on hold. All staff were affected, and the business came to a virtual standstill. Over 35 years of data was at risk. It was chaos… [Read More]

    Read full story
    [1] Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, Notifiable Data Breaches Report: July–December 2020