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Information is valuable, making unprotected mobile devices and wireless networks a prime target. The good news is that we take IT security very seriously. For genuine no-nonsense advice and solutions on cyber security, Solutions I.T. is your ideal partner.


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What is A Security Risk Assessment?


Why information security is important

While digitising has revolutionised the way in which we engage and consume information, it has also put us at risk. Any data is valuable. Any organisation or institution is now obligated to protect their customers and employees’ information, which they do by first protecting their infrastructure.



Common types of network attacks

Without the proper protection, your data is vulnerable. The common types of attacks include:


  • Eavesdropping: Someone has gained access to data paths in your network to “listen in” or access sensitive information.
  • Data modification: A data security breach takes place. After the information is stolen, its altered without the knowledge of the sender or user.
  • IP address spoofing: An IP address is rerouted using a special program, allowing the attacker to delete or steal your data at will.
  • Password-based attacks: An attacker gains access to a valid account and can modify, reroute, or delete your data.


Our job is to ensure your network’s security, protecting the usability and integrity of your infrastructure. By implementing our solutions, we will manage your network infrastructure effectively, ensuring that it’s safe from a variety of cyber threats.


From a single server to a full network refresh, we make sure we understand your requirements. Solutions I.T. prides itself on meeting your needs to ensure that the proposed solution fits and performs in accordance with your business requirements.



Why choose us

  • We’ll visit your workplace and fix the problem on the spot.
  • If your problem is critical, we offer same-day service whenever possible.
  • All work is guaranteed, so you can be confident it will get done right.
  • We employ expert technicians that can work on all your technology. Every engineer is carefully screened and police cleared.


We’ve earned our reputation for consistently delivering best-of-breed infrastructure solutions and services – tailoring our offerings to meet specific organisational needs. From antivirus solutions to wireless security, our in-depth experience and expertise will ensure your systems are fully optimised and safe from intruders.


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