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Secure and uninterrupted wireless infrastructure



What happens if all your users and their devices access the network at the same time?

Solutions I.T. provides strong wireless solutions tailored to suit your requirements. Essentially wireless is all about connectivity; your users need to be connected using a variety of different devices anytime, anywhere. Talk to us about our wireless internet solutions.


 Types of Wireless Communications


The benefits of wireless technology

By 2020, it’s predicted that 24 billion devices will be connected to the internet, with the majority of device owners using wireless access points. With wireless technology, your organisation can share and access information on the go, allowing your employees to collaborate from anywhere and at any time.


If you’re concerned about potential security breaches, our Wi-Fi solutions are reliable and robust, with security at the top of our priority list. Our wireless security solutions include assistance with auditing to ensure that the technology you’re using is working efficiently.


The top five things to consider before implementing wireless data solutions:

  • What are the main goals the wireless system must deliver? (note these down as they are the key to a successful deployment)
  • How many users will be accessing wi-fi at the same time in any given area?
  • How easy is it to add access points without affecting coverage?
  • What type of security do we need to implement?
  • How will the wireless infrastructure cope with future developments? e.g. high definition tri casting, VOIP telephony


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Solutions I.T. will work with you to address performance issues and develop a Managed Wireless solution that is robust, secure and cost-effective. We’ve completed Managed Wireless projects for organisations of all sizes, and will deploy a solution that’s right for you.



Why Solutions I.T.?

If next generation working is about enabling access at anytime, anywhere – then the reliability and performance of your wireless networks is only going to become more important.


Two of the biggest challenges when it comes to WLAN is time and experience. It can be difficult to keep up with demand and if you’re an IT novice. The good news is that you can overcome these challenges with help from the experts.


Why choose us?

  • Best value: We work to minimise costs and maximise ROI.
  • Proven track record: Established in 1999, we have extensive experience working in the Government, Education and SME markets.
  • Your solution: Solutions I.T.’s unique approach looks at your strategic requirements both today and in the future, and makes sure that the technology fits with your wider long term objectives.


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Why Solutions IT?

  • Best value - We work to minimise costs and maximise ROI
  • Proven track record – Established in 1999 Solutions IT has extensive experience working in Government, Education and SME markets
  • Your solution – Solutions IT unique approach looks at your strategic requirements both today and in the future and makes sure that the technology fits with your wider long term objectives