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Technology Buyback Program

Maximize the value of your fleet of unwanted electronic devices using the Solutions IT Buyback Program.

Fast and Easy
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Data Destruction

Our Buyback Program

The Solutions IT Technology Buyback Program is a must for organisations and schools who want to maximize their IT ROI and be part of global, sustainability, environmental program. This is a fast and simple processes that offers competitive market leading valuations and complete data integrity.

Benefits of our Technology Buyback program:

  • You can now enjoy the benefit of a fast, simple and effective Trade-In solution. Our buyback program ensures minimal disruption to our clients, with maximum returns.
  • We provide a very competitive market leading valuation for your fleet of unwanted devices – with the agreed Trade-In credit to be paid to a nominated bank account via EFT.
  • De-risk your critical information – you will have complete assurance all devices traded in are data wiped to factory settings, with data destruction certificates available upon request.
  • 98% of all equipment received are refurbished and re-purposed both here in Australia and in developing nations. 2% of equipment recycled back into usable materials, keeping harmful waste out of landfill.

Data Destruction

All items that submitted via the Solutions IT Technology Buyback program from schools are wiped clean of data via procedures such as hard resets, hard drive reformatting and re-imaging, and removal of flash memory.  Particularly for educational institutions and corporate clients where data security is paramount, we have the ability and functionality to increase our commitment to data security.

Our trade in partner will provide assurance via certification that all data has been destroyed in accordance with the highest industry standards such as a seven-pass wipe of hard drives according to the US Department of Defence Standard 5220.22-M Data Sanitization method. Other methods of data destruction include physical destruction via shredding and/or compaction.

About the Data Destruction Software

Blancco – the global leader in data erasure and computer reuse solutions are responsible for the data destruction. With millions of users on every continent, Blancco are the preferred erasure choice of military, defense, police, banking and IT asset reseller organizations around the world.

The Blancco solution enables us to:

  • Conduct fully-automated, remote erasure in the fastest, most secure way possible.
  • Mitigate risk of legal liabilities, damage to reputation, and loss of corporate IT assets.
  • Comply with global security and privacy regulations.
  • Manage IT asset disposal processes, including distribution of data sanitization software and erasure reporting for auditing purposes.

For more information about Blancco, visit


Getting Started


  1. Request Preliminary Buyback Quote

Create an inventory list of the equipment you would like to trade in.

  1. Easy Quote Process

Our buyback specialists will review the information provided and produce a buyback indicative quote. We will contact you if we require further information than what was provided.

  1. Free Collection

When the equipment is ready, we will arrange collection from your premise free of charge.

  1. Fast Diagnosis & Payment

Once the equipment has arrived at our facility, our qualified technicians will verify the condition of each device. If devices are found to be faulty or incorrectly submitted, you will receive an adjusted quote with the option of having devices returned to you free of charge. Upon completion and acceptance of the final buyback valuation, payment will be credited back to your account.