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Great Southern Grammar

Testimonial | Great Southern Grammar


Great Southern Grammar are a long-standing customer of Solutions IT and recently implemented an initiative to become a Microsoft Surface School by 2020.


“As part of our initiative there was a rigorous consultative process with Solutions IT to ensure the device met all our needs. We were able to access value adds such as Solutions IT Learning Tools Training. Solutions IT and Microsoft were also a great help in providing support and assistance around implementation”, explains Kieran Bailey, Head of IT Services.


“We are particularly impressed with the support model around warranty. Having that managed by Solutions IT has ensured quick turnaround times which means that devices are back in the hands of our students swiftly.”


“We regularly meet to discuss the evolving needs of the school, to gain updates to devices and ed-tech landscape. I have definitely found the relationship to be positive for one for GSG and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to another school”.


Great Southern Grammar