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Wireless Infrastructure: Changing The Way Businesses Communicate.

By September 5, 2018December 15th, 2021No Comments

Increasingly, small to medium businesses are finding themselves having to adapt to the modern-day office demands. No longer are we working at our own dedicated cabled ‘work station’ and filing important documents to the physical server.

We are all mobile, our devices are wireless, and we take them with us wherever we go. We need constant access to our company’s resources and we are working on shared documents inside and outside of the office.

Because we need constant access to our company’s resources such as our emails or shared documents, employees that are unable to work wirelessly or remotely disrupt productivity, efficiency and important communication between teams.

So, in a business where it takes 20 minutes to log in to retrieve a file when out of the office, where offsite access to emails are limited or where the WiFi is patchy, it will be next to impossible to reap the rewards of the modern day office.

Wireless infrastructure and IT networks today are not only a critical element of business, but in many cases, have transformed the business itself. Business growth and business infrastructure go hand in hand. Effective IT networks touch every critical component of business growth, including products and services, data, security, business process, sales and marketing, and customer experience. For businesses with off-site staff or mobile staff, wireless infrastructure has enabled a host of benefits both financial and amongst culture.

The right infrastructure improves the way we connect with staff and build internal culture especially when teams are off-site or mobile. By accessing cloud technology, today’s modern desktop allows communications on the go, anywhere in the world. Staff have the flexibility to work and communicate efficiently, not matter where they are.

Today, IT companies can easily determine the required wireless coverage and capacity needed, quickly and accurately using cutting edge survey tools. They can advise on the locations and optimal device configurations, helping to maximise the performance of the existing network which will maximize productivity and ROI for a business. Similarly, using tools such as Office365, employees can access their modern desktop from any device, when and where they need to.

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